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Spanish as a Foreign Language

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Our Institution

The University of Buenos Aires, founded 182 years ago, is a recognized institution in Argentina and abroad due to the excellence of its graduates, the quality of its teaching and research programs and the transfer of knowledge to the society. The School of Philosophy and Letters, as part of the University of Buenos Aires, has been devoted to the training of teachers and researchers since 1896 in different areas of the humanities.
At the Laboratory of Languages, which depends on The School of Philosophy and Letters, courses of several modern languages are offered (English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Japanese) to the community. The courses of Spanish as a foreign language started to be offered in 1991 in the downtown area, with a population that has reached 900 foreign students a year.

Spanish Courses at the Language Laboratory
. Regular and intensive courses.

Special Spanish Courses at he Language Laboratory
. Courses for refugees by agreement with the UNHCR.
. Courses for groups of university students.

Examinations and Certification of Spanish Language Command

. International examinations at three levels:

CEB (Certificate of Spanish - Basic Level)
CEI (Certificate of Spanish - Intermediate Level)
CEA (Certificate of Spanish - Advanced Level)

. Achievement examinations. External certification by agreement with COINED (Site under construction)
. Academic level examinations for scholars and students by request from the Ministry of Education or from tertiary and university institutions. (Site under construction)

3. Teaching training in the area
. Training program for the teaching of Spanish as a second and foreign language (only spanish version)